About Us

What the Truck?! is a celebration of food trucks and food truck culture in Edmonton! With creative chefs, tasty food, vibrant, accessible and pedestrian-friendly events, we’re helping to make Edmonton even more awesome.

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Our Team

How it all began!

While visiting San Francisco in September 2010, we (Mack Male and Sharon Yeo) stumbled upon an event called Off the Grid. Two dozen food trucks had filled a parking lot to serve up street food with a side of music. The energy and excitement in the air was palpable; people were having a blast sampling and socializing outdoors. We thought: why couldn’t this be done in Edmonton? And with that, What the Truck?! was born.

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Today we organize events featuring 15+ food trucks throughout the summer season (May through September). Interested in working with us? We’re always welcoming new volunteers!


A big shout-out to Gabe Wong, who designed our fabulous logo and header. We love his whimsical designs!