What the Truck?! Update

What The Truck?! at Capital Boulevard (May 2018)
What The Truck?! at Capital Boulevard (May 2018)

It’s almost food truck season and we are very excited that the trucks will be out and about soon! As such, we also wanted to provide some updates on the What the Truck?! front.

Over the off-season, we have been reflecting on our mission and goals, and while we remain ardent supporters of food trucks, we are changing the way we can support the food truck community.

As food truck culture in the city has evolved, What the Truck?! has also evolved and we moved away from many smaller truck stop events to a handful of larger scale events throughout the season. However, we have now reached the time where we will be stepping back from organizing food truck events under the What the Truck?! banner. We’re now going to focus on promoting food trucks and food truck culture through our website and social media.

Our goal has always been to promote food trucks and food truck culture to Edmontonians and our events have been a big part of that over the years. Watching the number of food trucks grow over the past several years and seeing trucks being incorporated at various events has brought us a lot of joy! Food trucks are a part of the fabric that makes up the Edmonton food scene with a presence on the streets, markets and events!

We are proud of what we have accomplished and the role we have had in promoting and supporting food trucks in Edmonton. We remain passionate about food trucks and will continue to provide a linkage for event organizers to reach out to our membership via the “Book the Trucks” form. We are also planning to re-develop our website to provide you with more information about the trucks as well as to promote and share other events involving food trucks.

Thank you to everyone who has ever attended a What the Truck?! event! We couldn’t done it without you and we look forward to running into you in a food truck line this season!

One thought on “What the Truck?! Update”

  1. Are you still operational, we signed up with you last year, we were new last year. ROKA Wood Fired Pizza. Do you send out a renewal for the next year or do we just sign up every year. Information please.


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