Recap: July 6, 2018 What The Truck?! at Edmonton Valley Zoo

Boy, did we have a wild time at the zoo!

Our mid-season event was one our most popular evenings yet! Thank you to everybody who made it out to the Edmonton Valley Zoo and spending your night with us. We had a mix of sun and showers but you guys have proven that you’re willing to do anything to try our trucks!

Our team was excited (and a little anxious!) to bring What The Truck?! to the Edmonton Valley Zoo for the first time. Over 1,500 of you RSVP’d and with more than 15,000 interested, we tried to be as best prepared as we could be!

Between the winding paths and various animal exhibits, we managed to squeeze in 15 of our best food trucks into the Edmonton Valley Zoo. With over 70 vendors, we wish we could have squeezed in a lot more but sloping grounds and spacing between trucks to allow for lines and seating was quite the challenge!

We did, however, welcome four new members to our What The Truck?! family: Diane’s Country Kitchen, Lil Havana, Mi Tierra,Roka Wood Fired Pizza.We were also ecstatic to bring some of Edmonton’s old favourites, including DriftCalle Mexico, and Little Village!

Truck-seekers didn’t need to pay admission to attend our event but donations to the Valley Zoo Development Society were gratefully accepted. They continued to support our efforts to be sustainable and many of you bought reusable cutlery pieces at their booth.

Diane’s Country Kitchen at WTT Edmonton Valley Zoo
Lil Havana at WTT Edmonton Valley Zoo
Lemongrass Grill at WTT Edmonton Valley Zoo


We want to thank the Edmonton Valley Zoo and their entire staff for allowing us to host our trucks. Their crew made everything possible, from loading those trucks and trailers into the grounds, keeping the site clean, helping you find your favourite truck, and most importantly, introducing you to our friendly zoo animals! Thanks to ElectroKinetica for DJing our event and providing tunes at the zoo’s amphitheatre.

Edmonton’s Food Bank made a reappearance at our event and we can’t thank you all enough for your donations. We raised 1100 kg in food and $3,730.50 in cash to help their cause. Keep up the awesome job guys!

As with our last event, entries were provided to those who donated for a chance to win the Golden Ticket! Congratulations to Ticket #5332861 (we tried calling you & will try again until we reach you!), you and three friends will have VIP seating at our next event at RE/MAX Field on August 26th and be escorted to the front of the line at our trucks. Don’t worry about seating or lines, we got you!

Lomito Chorrillana from Mi Tierra

Mi Tierra at WTT Edmonton Valley Zoo

We can’t express enough gratitude to our amazing volunteers, but we’ll try! They help us with answering your questions, keeping the site clean, and making sure our events run smoothly. We even converted them into last minute parking attendants and traffic control when the rain hit! With such a big event, there was a lot to learn for our helping hands!

If you’re interested in volunteering for a future event, submit your email and we’ll let you know of volunteering opportunities.

Did you know that What The Truck?! is 100% volunteer run? We are a non-profit organization that aims to bring our food truck members together, provide our event-goers the opportunity to explore Edmonton’s best trucks, and to bring together our food community! From choosing event venues, managing memberships, promoting and marketing our trucks, and being on-site, our team does it all for you!

We loved all your feedback (both positive and negative!) and all comments are taken in to consideration. We did a lot of note-taking for this one! Our last thanks is TO YOU! Thank you to everybody for coming out to support our mid-season event and our trucks, for planning your trip, for braving the crowds and lines to enjoy the food, and for showing us a good time! We appreciate your patience and continue to take notes for the future!


Having said that, make sure you subscribe to the What The Truck?! newsletter, and follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) for more news. Our next event is on Sunday, August 26, 2018 and truck line-ups will be out before you know it! We’re returning to RE/MAXField (formerly known as Edmonton Ballpark). RSVP and share the date with your friends now!


3 thoughts on “Recap: July 6, 2018 What The Truck?! at Edmonton Valley Zoo”

  1. Hi I can not seem to find my raffle ticket. My name is Lacey Hanson and my phone number is 780-xxx-xxxx. Am I the winner?
    Thank you!


    1. Hi Lacey! Unfortunately you are not the winner. Thank you so much for your donation to the Edmonton Food Bank and best of luck for next time!


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