How To Make the Most of Your What the Truck?! Experience

We’re ONLY a day away from our next What the Truck?! event in Old Strathcona! But are you as ready for the big day as you think you are?

6-12-2014 10-25-04 AM

Our team does what we can to make What the Truck?! a fun event for everyone, but there is a bit of science to taking it by storm and being a food truck festival pro. If this is going to be your first WTT event – don’t worry – we’ve assembled all of the tips and tricks we could think of from the food trucks, past and present attendees, and the little things we’ve learned from past events.

You can find out the (not quite rocket) science behind having a wicked What The Truck?! experience here, or mosey on over to the FAQ to answer any of those crazy questions that you’re dying to find out about!

We hope to see you out tomorrow (Friday, June 13th) from 5-9PM at McIntyre Park in Old Strathcona for What the Truck?!, armed and ready to have a great time!