Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct was created in order to provide the best quality experience for customers of (and participants in) What the Truck?! We aim to ensure every visit to a What the Truck?! event is a positive one, and have arrived at this Code of Conduct in order to all ensure those who participate in the events adhere to the same standards of customer service.

All WTT Verified Members are expected to:

  • Ensure that all operational permits and inspections (required by City of Edmonton and Alberta Health Services) are current and can provide documentation at time of registration
  • Be primarily selling product that is originally made by their staff; either prepared by themselves ahead of time and finished on the truck, or fully cooked on the truck
  • Ensure that their profile information listed on the WTT website is correct, and any pictures or information is provided in a timely manner
  • Maintain their Season Availability throughout the course of the year; removing any dates that are no longer available, and identifying ahead of time any potential time conflicts for WTT event dates in the event they are chosen (ie. prior bookings or services elsewhere, time constraints, etc.)
  • Display their WTT Verified sticker on their truck
  • Ensure that all questions or requests regarding WTT events and membership are directed to the designated contacts ( or the specified phone number of each event contact

For WTT Events:

  • Conduct themselves both at the event space and online in a manner that is appropriate for a family-friendly event
  • Provide event confirmation acceptance, event fee payments, and menus prior to the specified deadline for each WTT event they are selected for
  • Curate an event menu that is limited to no more than 4 primary items that require preparation (pre-packaged desserts, add-on side dishes or condiments, and drinks do not count) PLUS a WTT Special Item in a smaller portion size and priced at $5 (intended to give patrons the opportunity to have the flexibility with both their wallet and their stomach to try multiple trucks)
  • Promote any WTT event that they are selected for to their customers and followers through sharing event link on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as appropriate
  • Prepare a number of servings that is appropriate for the event they are selected for, utilizing the Facebook Event attendance RSVP numbers, weather forecast, and any advice from WTT team
  • Arrive at the scheduled time (and where applicable, appropriate entrance) for any event they are selected for
  • Have one staff member remain with the truck at all times once on the event site
  • Be open and ready to serve at the scheduled event start time
  • Have one staff member outside of the truck to help manage lines and attendee questions
  • Utilize an inventory system that actively keeps track of the number of portions left
  • Cut off their line at the scheduled event end time
  • Remove all equipment and take all garbage to the designated receptacle, and be ready to leave no later than one (1) hour after the scheduled event end time

Code of Conduct Violations

Violations of the Code of Conduct will be determined according to a three step scale of offense. Red violations hold the highest level of severity, and will result in the immediate revocation of a truck’s Verified membership status. However, a combination of lower level violations (more than one yellow violation, both a yellow and a green violation, or three green violations) will also result in a truck’s Verified membership status being removed. While extenuating circumstances may occur, they will be determined on a case-by-case basis at the sole discretion of the WTT team. If any violations are committed, the WTT team will notify the offending truck in writing via e-mail.

Red Violations

Red violations involve actions (or lack thereof) that pose a risk to the safety of WTT attendees, volunteers, or other trucks. If these occur during the course of an event, the truck(s) involved will be asked to close for the remainder of the event, and in most cases will required to remain onsite until it is safe to leave the venue:

  • Failing to maintain standards set by the City of Edmonton Fire Inspector
    • Example: open jerry can stored underneath exhaust pipe of truck
  • Failing to maintain standards set by Alberta Health Services
    • Example: Presence of animals on truck
  • Failing to abide by local, provincial or federal laws
    • Example: Altercations between trucks, their staff, and any other persons present requiring security or police presence, or lack of required permits, inspections or business license
  • Any other actions that would in any way cause harm or provide a reasonable amount of risk to WTT attendees, volunteers, or other trucks, at the sole discretion of the WTT team.

Yellow Violations

Yellow violations involve actions (or lack thereof) that pose a major impediment to the execution of a WTT event:

  • Dropping out of event with less than 72 hours notice
  • Severe under-preparation of food for sale at events (resulting in the need to shut down earlier than halfway through the scheduled event time)
  • Being more than fifteen (15) minutes late for pre-determined event load-in time
  • Leaving truck completely unattended while at the event venue
  • Changing portion sizes mid-way through the event without adjusting item price
  • Failure to open or close truck at the specified event start and end times
  • Lack of on-ground staff members to help manage line-ups
  • Not clearly communicating when items are sold out to attendees waiting in line
  • Remaining on-site more than one (1) hour after the scheduled end time
  • Failure to relocate garbage to designated waste disposal area prior to departure

Green Violations

Green violations involves actions (or lack thereof) that pose an impediment to the planning of a WTT event, or would otherwise disqualify a truck from being eligible to be a Verified member:

  • Serving items not prepared or created by their staff members
  • Refusal to limit menu items, or provide WTT Special Item
  • Missing deadlines for event confirmation, fee payment or menu submission, resulting in the need to schedule another truck into the event
  • Lack of ongoing maintenance of season availability calendar or failure to provide potential conflicts or time restraints, resulting in the need to schedule another truck into the event or re-schedule event load-in times
  • Multiple (more than 3 times) and willful refusal to limit contact regarding WTT event or membership concerns to designated e-mail or phone numbers as provided
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