The Pulled Pork Throwdown winner is…The Act!

The Act, Nomad, and Smokehouse BBQ battled it out for three hours straight tonight at the Edmonton Public School Board Archives & Museum. They served up delicious pulled pork sliders to hundreds of hungry Edmontonians all evening to fight for the title of pulled pork champion in our first ever Throwdown Edition of Truck Stop. In the end, when the votes were tallied, one truck came away with the title…

Pulled Pork Throwdown
The winning pulled pork slider

Congratulations to The Act!

While The Act walked away with the victory, we heard from voters that they liked different aspects of all three sliders. There were great comments about Nomad’s caraway seed slaw, and some self-proclaimed barbecue experts noted that the bark and smoke rings on Smokehouse BBQ’s pork were indicators of well-prepared meat. In the end, it wasn’t enough to overcome the crunchy onion straws and toasted bun that pushed The Act’s slider into the winning position.

Pulled Pork Throwdown

Of course, tonight’s Throwdown was all in good fun. It was also an opportunity to support the Edmonton Public Schools Foundation. All three trucks have decided to donate a portion of the proceeds from tonight’s event to the Foundation, which when combined with the money raised by donations from voters should result in a healthy contribution to an important cause in our city. We’ll announce the amount raised in the coming days once we have the final numbers.

Pulled Pork Throwdown

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to support this event! You can check out some additional photos of the event here.

Author: Mack Male

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7 thoughts on “The Pulled Pork Throwdown winner is…The Act!”

  1. I had a slider from the Act at about 7:20 and unfortunately by that time I didn’t get a slider like the one picture.  For the same price it was cut in half and without the crispy onion straws.  While still tasty, I would have loved to try it full size and with the onion.  I was disappointed.  The other two stole the show for me.


    1. Are you sure? The picture is of the slider ones that were a bit less than 3″ across. I heard that they ran out of the small buns and had to use larger buns, so that’s why it was cut in half. Can’t speak to the lack of crispy onions, though. I just wish they’d also warned us that they smeared some kind of white goo on the bun. 


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