Recap: September 12, 2014 – What The Truck?!

We’d like to thank everyone who made it out to our last and biggest event of 2014! Despite the gloomy weather, it was great to see many people enjoying themselves.


For our final event this year, we decided to go big or go home. With the closure of 99 Street, we were able to include eight more trucks along that street. This really helped to ease any lineups and increased options for the attendees.


With so many trucks to choose from, we created a site map with all the trucks’ menus for patrons to print and bring to the event. It was great to see many people taking advantage of this!


This was the first big event for many trucks new to What The Truck?! this year: Funky Mango, Dedo’s, Jackie O’s, Moose on the Run, One Cool Cookie, and Jimmy Poblano’s to name a few.

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We’d like to sent a BIG thank you to everyone who helped make this event happen:

For past and present What The Truck?! attendees, we’d like to hear your feedback! Please fill out our survey so we can continue planning and creating more enjoyable events for you.

That’s a wrap for 2014. See you all next summer!

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