Meet the Organizers: Su Dennis

Last but not least, we’d like to introduce you to Su Dennis. Some of you may recognize Su, as she’s been one of our long-standing day-of volunteers:

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1. My day job is…

Nuclear Medicine Technologist and I work for the great group of folks at Medical Imaging Consultants.

2. Why did you decide to get involved in What the Truck?!

I decided to get involved with What the Truck because I want these events to continue; i want them to become bigger and better, and i want them to happen more often. I am pleased to be a new member of the planning committee, and will be helping with event day site set-up and clean-up, waste management and volunteer recruitment. If anyone reading this would like to volunteer on event days, drop me a line.

3. What is one of your favourite local food truck items?

Asking what my favorites are, is like asking a mother, ‘who her favorite child’ is. Just cant be limited to one! I LOVE sandwiches and burgers. I LOVE fried stuff. I LOVE dessert items. I LOVE trying new-to-me flavors. So i guess you could say, i just plain LOVE food truck food!

4. What is one type of food truck cuisine you’d like to see served curbside in Edmonton?

I think there are so many trucks out there now, it would be hard to conceive of any type of cuisine that is not served in #yeg! I have never been left wanting, that is for sure.

5. What about the food truck scene are you most looking forward to in 2015?

I am excited to try some of the new trucks, and to welcome back all of my old favorites. In the heat of the season, I have been known to eat food truck food MANY times each week. My goal is to try as many new trucks as I can.

Author: Sharon Yeo

Sharon is an Edmonton-based blogger who has been writing about food since 2006.

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