Wrap-Up: July 11, 2015 Northlands Park After Dark

It’s been a few weeks, but we still want to give a big thank you to everyone who came out to Northlands Park for What the Truck?!



What the Truck?! brought the party north of downtown to Northlands Park, right next to the Northlands Casino adjacent to the Horses for a beautiful Friday night on the patio. With an available bar and the excitement of Park After Dark running on the track behind us, it was an amazing new experience that was exciting for both the trucks as well as attendees!


With 15 trucks on site, attendees feasted on everything from cheeseburgers to chimichangas to Jamaican Patties at what was one of our favourite events to date! Pictured above is the Big Mock from The Hop (cut in half so that we could share!), who made their big What the Truck?! debut alongside four other newbies – Northlands’ own 1879 Where Flavour Begins, the flakey goodness of Meat Street Pies, schnitzel-slingin’ Sculpt Foods, and generous portions from Soner’s Donair & Kebab.


We were joined onsite by the folks from Edmonton Tourism and local food blogger Linda Hoang, who shot an awesome video about what it’s like to be at What the Truck?!. You can check out the video here.

19578224469_80cdabdbab_kAfter receiving feedback from attendees at our May and June events, we tested out a new ticket system with the trucks. Our goal is to reduce wait times where possible, and to help the trucks better communicate food inventory to attendees so avoid disappointment that comes with waiting in line only to find your items sold out. While this event was not as busy as our kickoff event in Churchill Square, attendees seemed happier with the lineups (or lack thereof!) and many attendees that we chatted with told us that they were able to visit more trucks this time around than at previous events.



We were happy to see attendees pleased with the outcome for a first run, but there is always room for improvement and we can’t wait to test out a few new tweaks and another new truck lineup at our next event at Telus Field on August 22nd!


As always, we could not run these events without our tireless volunteers who help us keep the event site clean. We received huge thanks from the folks at Northlands, and we echo their sentiment – you guys rock!
northlands-northlandspark-colourLast, but definitely not least – a LARGE thank you goes to our major sponsor – Northlands Park! From free parking to loads of seating onsite, the Northlands team helped this to be one of our best events to date.

To see more pictures from this event, click here.

We hope to see you out at Telus Field on August 22nd from 4-8pm!


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