August 20 What the Truck?! at Edmonton Ballpark Lineup

We’re excited to have another Trucks in the Outfield event this year! Join us on Saturday, August 20 from 4-8pm the Edmonton Ballpark. Don’t forget to RSVP on Facebook here.

Trucks in the OutfieldWe had a great time at the ballpark last year! Picnicking in the outfield on a beautiful day can’t be beat. And, like all of our other events, it is FREE to attend (you just purchase from the trucks directly), and parking is FREE too!

Unfortunately, dogs are not permitted at the field.

So make sure to bring a blanket, a ball, and a glove, because we’re going to have a great time in the outfield! You may even stumble upon some Pokemon on the way!

Which trucks will be surely hitting home runs this year? Here’s the lineup:

We’re so excited to welcome Go Nuts 4 Donuts, Kabao Bun Truck, Jack’s Mobile Burger Shack, Mr. Chimi Churri, Preserve Food Truck, and The Sizzling Stick to their first What the Truck?! event!

Stay tuned for our truck menus post early next week and be sure to check out the event on Facebook!

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