Meet the Trucks: La Poutine

To gear up for the impending food truck season, we’re starting a new series today that will help you get to know the vendors that make up our great food truck community. La Poutine is up first!

Truck Stop at Boyle Renaissance

1. Why are you rockin’ a food truck?

The La Poutine food truck is an extension of our restaurant, allowing
us to bring poutine to the streets of Edmonton. Interacting with our
customers while at festivals and events is a unique experience and
really creates a sense of community.

2. What kind of food to you serve? What sets it apart?

The name says it all! We serve authentic Quebec-style poutine made
with hand-cut fries and squeaky cheese curds. We offer creative
toppings made from fresh & homemade ingredients. Vegan and vegetarian
options are always available.

3. What do you love most about Edmonton’s food truck scene?

The Edmonton food truck scene is made up of passionate cooks/chefs
serving their own unique and tasty dishes. Food Trucks offer quality
(and sometimes gourmet) food in a casual atmosphere….and what could
be better than eating curb-side?

4. What can we expect from your truck in 2014?

More of the same delicious Canadian fair! We plan to have the truck
operating as much as possible and are already booking private events
and weddings.

5. What is your favourite food truck item served by another truck?

Everything I have tasted is delicious, but The Act’s Cajun Fish
Sandwich really stands out!

Author: Sharon Yeo

Sharon is an Edmonton-based blogger who has been writing about food since 2006.

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