Meet the Organizers: Mikhaila Skehor

Next up in our series highlighting our new organizing committee members, we’d like to introduce Mikhaila Skehor:


1. My day job is…

Account Manager at Kick Point, a digital marketing agency located in downtown Edmonton.

2. Why did you decide to get involved in What the Truck?!

Like many Edmontonians, I live for when the weather is decidedly not-winter, and one of my favourite parts of the summer is to hit up the many What the Truck?! events (and the trucks that attend them) and experience the variety of cuisine they offer. It didn’t hurt that my dear friend Melina is also on the organizing committee, and had a blast being involved last year. I saw how much fun she was having and wanted in!

3. What is one of your favourite local food truck items?

I’d have to go with Attila the HUNgry’s chicken and waffles. The savory/sweet syrup combined with a healthy topping of kimchi makes it a must-have for me. Last year, I attended almost every chicken and waffle serving they had thanks to the HUNgry team tweeting me when it was C&W day!

4. What is one type of food truck cuisine you’d like to see served curbside in Edmonton?

This is majorly impractical, but I’d love a pho truck. Pho is one of my favourite things to eat and I wish I could find it on a truck.

5. What about the food truck scene are you most looking forward to in 2015?

I’m looking forward to trying out all the new trucks on the scene. Food trucks in Edmonton have exploded and I’m excited to try out the new offerings, and learn about the all the behind the scenes action at WTT?!

Author: Sharon Yeo

Sharon is an Edmonton-based blogger who has been writing about food since 2006.

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