Meet the Trucks: Chedda Heads

We apologize for the hold-up! This week in our Meet the Truck series, we are featuring a truck originally from Central Alberta – Chedda Heads!

Why did you start a food truck?
I started my Food Truck because of a Trip to NY in 2009. I had never seen or heard of a Food Truck before then and had never really had any interest in the restaurant industry until then but somehow I knew I was going to open a food truck after experiencing and witnessing the Awesomeness. After a few years of planning and saving I came to the decision to leave a promotional marketing business and pursue the creation of Chedda Heads. Why Grilled Cheese? Well that’s easy its comfort food 101 and everyone has some memory of eating a gooey sandwich that mom made for you. Without any Restaurant experience I jumped into the culinary world and have finally found my calling. No, not every day is awesome but the majority of the days I am the happiest I’ve been.

What kind of food do you serve?
Gourmet Grilled Cheese!! We have a Menu of 6 different sandwiches along with a couple of side items and drinks. We also offer Feature Sandwiches and Sides every week.

Where will you be serving?
We typically serve in and around Red Deer Alberta.

What makes your truck unique?
We are the 1st Gourmet Grilled Cheese truck in Central Alberta. We have fun and work hard and over the past couple seasons have gotten more and more exposure through Alberta.

What is your favourite item on another food truck that is not your own?
I dream of this item…had it in Austin during ACL14 Tongue Buns (Roasted Beef Tongue in Steamed Buns with a peanut butter curry) Droool!! I miss those things!

Country that inspires you the most (related to food)?
North American Comfort Food.

What do you hope to see or get out of the 2015 season?
My goal in 2015 with our 3rd Season approaching is to continue to grow, have fun and serve the best darn Grilled Cheese Sandwiches that we are able too. I’d also like to see a 20% net growth over last year 🙂

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