May 23, 2015 What the Truck?! Menus

The wait is over! We know everyone has been anticipating the menus to be released, and here they are. (Warning: Do not read while hungry!)

What: What the Truck?! at Churchill Square 
Where: Sir Winston Churchill Square
When: Saturday, May 23, 2015
Time: 4-8pm
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  • Attila the HUNgry
    • DuckTots – Thai braised duck leg, shredded over tater tots, topped with hoisen aioli, lime sriracha, herbs, and peanuts.
    • Peacemaker Burger – Our signature HUNburger patty smothered in Thai peanut butter, strawberry sriracha jam, and crushed peanuts, on brioche.
    • Limping Dragon Wrap – Japanese BBQ chicken, vegetable slaw, snap peas, fruit salsa, garlic herb aioli
  • Bully Food Truck
    • Alberta Twisted Bacon Style Sushi: Everyone has Seen it on the internet? This is how it is done LIKE A BOSS! House Ground AAA Alberta Beef, Lightly Seasoned, Sharp Smoked Cheddar Cheese, Fresh Spinach, Wild Rice Wrapped in Peppered Bacon, Served with house Made Tomato Jam and a Little dressed Greens – $8
    • Colossal Shrimp BULLY MAC: Hallelujah! 1 Butter Poached 6 cnt Shrimp, Cheesy BULLY MAC Loaded with Garlic Bistro Shrimp topped with Garlic Panko and a Lemon wedge – $10
    • Pork Wellington: Brined and Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder, House Made Alberta Whiskey Pork Pate, Duxcell, Shallots wrapped in Golden Puff Pastry topped with Pork Demi-glaze served with Roasted Cauliflower puree, Pomme William Potato – $12
    • Perogy Like No Other: Calzone Size 4 Cheese Potato and Roasted Garlic Stuffed Perogy served with creamy Beer Mustard Slaw, and our House Made Double Smoked Shoulder Ham. Classic!!!! – $10
    • Baileys Rice Crispy Squares – $3
    • Blondie Cookie Cup Cakes with Jameson Caramel  and Sea Salt Crusted Milk Chocolate – $3
  • Carnival Cravings
    • Traditional mini donuts, gourmet mini donuts
    • Fresh squeezed lemonade
    • Hot pretzels (butter & salt, grilled cheese, cheddar jalapeno, perogy, and garlic cheese)
    • Cotton candy, fudge, nut brittle, ice cream novelties
  • Casa12Doce 
    • Tacos – chorizo and suadero (brisket)
    • Flautas
    • Quesadillas
    • Carlotta – dessert
  • Chedda Heads*
    • Easy Tiger: Smoked Brisket, Bacon Fat sauteed Brussels Sprouts, Monterrey Jack, Mozzarella – $10
    • Hellbent (Vegetarian): Cheddar, Mozzarella, Swiss, Avocado, Sweet Chilli Heat Doritos – $9
    • Rearview Mirror: Cheddar, Granny Smith Apples, Bacon, Maple Syrup – $9

      All Sandwiches served with Chips and Kosher style Dill Pickle
  • Chipman Fish & Chips*
    • French cut Deep fried Potatoes
    • Deep Fried Fish in a homemade batter

      We are gluten free and vegetarian friendly no meat or meat products. Only fish and potatoes.
  • Drift
    • Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sliders – housepickles & slaw
    • Pork Belly Sliders – pickled carrot & daikon, cilantro & chili mayo

      *Both come with a choice of hand cut fries or potato crisps
  • Explore India*
    • Butter Chicken – Tender chicken cooked in a rich and fragrant tomato based sauce complimented with onion, butter, cream and Indian spices. A classic staple of North Indian Cuisine. Finished with cream and cilantro and served with jasmine rice and naan. Optional gluten free*
    • Chicken Keema – Ground chicken marinated in ginger and garlic then sauteed in onions, tomatoes and flavoured with aromatic Indian spices and green peas. Finished with cilantro and served with naan. Optional gluten free*
    • Chana Masala – Chickpeas cooked in a fragrant onion and tomato based sauce, complimented with garlic, ginger, and authentic Indian spices. Served with your choice of rice or naan. Vegan and gluten free*
  • Fab Food on Four*
    • Bobalouie Pulled Chicken Sandwich
    • German Spaetzle with roasted Pork and purple cabbage
    • Kubbie Burger with homemade Honey Mustard Jalapeno sauce
    • Fresh Cut Fries
    • Assorted sodas in a bottle
  • Jeepney Jaytee*
    • Sisig Taco – A Filipino classic chopped grilled pork served in a soft taco shells drizzled with garlic aioli
    • Sisig Fries – Classic chopped grilled pork served on top of crispy fries
    • Pork Isaw – Filipino’s most favorite skewer
    • Pork Barbeque – Sweet Filipino blend charred to perfection
    • Kwek Kwek – Hard boild quail eggs coated with orange batter and deep fired. Served With Jeepney Jaytee’s original vinegar
    • Taho – Sweet soft tofu with pearls (sago) and caramelized pandan sugar (arnibal)
    • Caramelized Halo Halo – a popular Filipino dessert with mixture of shaved Ice, sweetened fruits, jelly, red/white beans, leche flan, signature caramel, pinipig and milk.
  • Jimmy Poblano
    • Chile Verde chimichanga – tender pork shoulder simmered in green chiles, and Alley Kat ale, cheese, and Mexican rice rolled into a flour tortilla, lightly fried and topped with New Mexican green and red chile sauces (Christmas style)
    • Machaca Beef Mini Chimichanga – slow roasted machaca beef, cheese, and Mexican rice rolled into a flour tortilla, lightly fried and topped with New Mexican green and red chile sauces (Christmas style)
    • Tortilla soup – scratch made chicken broth simmered with a blend of tomatoes, onions, jalapenos, and a blend of Mexican herbs and seasonings; chicken, avocados, cheese, crisp tortilla strips, and sour cream.
    • Chocolate almond cheesecake – a light almond cheesecake topped with a homemade chocolate ganache
    • Mango cheesecake – a light cheesecake topped with a sweet and tart mango sauce.
  • Keilan’s Creamery
    • All Canadian Moose: Vanilla Ice Cream with chocolate fudge marble and peanut butter cups.
    • Belgian Hazelnut: Creamy rich chocolate and hazelnut flavored ice cream laced with chocolate.
    • Bubble Gum: Good old fashion blue bubble gum, that you know and love!
    • Butter Pecan: Butter Pecan base laced with fresh pecan nuts.
    • Burgundy Cherry: Bordeaux Cherry flavored ice cream with cherry pieces.
    • Chocolate Peanut Butter: Chocolate base marbled with oh so good peanut butter!
    • Coconut: Coconut flavored ice cream lace with toasted coconut.
    • Cookies and Cream: Vanilla ice cream laced with chocolate cream filled cookies.
    • French Vanilla
    • Mint Chocolate Chip: Green mint ice cream laced with chocolate chips.
    • Strawberry
    • Passionfruit Sorbet: Gluten and Dairy Free!
    • Pistachio: Pistachio flavored ice cream with diced toasted almonds.
    • Rootbeer Float: Rootbeer and Vanilla combined to create a ohh so good summer treat!
    • Tiger: Orange flavored ice cream marbled with black licorice.

      All of our ice cream is Gluten-free, and in addition we have a dairy free option.
  • Knosh
    • Chicken Tikka Pastie – Chicken tikka and potato wrapped in a traditional crust served with yogurt mint dip and chickpea salad   $6.00
    • Jacket Potato – Baked potato topped with Irish whiskey braised pork, stout and cheddar sauce and crispy onions   $6.00  (Gluten Free)
    • Sticky toffee bread pudding with caramel sauce       $3.00
    • Ginger Rum Ball      $2.00
  • La Poutine
    • Traditional Poutine: hand-cut fries topped with Quebec cheese curds and gravy *vegetarian + GF.
    • Vegan Poutine: hand-cut fries topped with Daiya vegan cheese and gravy *vegan + GF
    • Wild Mushroom Poutine: traditional poutine topped with 3 varieties of sauteed mushrooms. * vegetarian + GF
    • Supreme Poutine: traditional poutine topped with smokey bacon, sour cream and green onions
    • Chili Poutine: hand-cut fries topped with Quebec cheese curds and homemade chili
  • Molly’s Eats
    It’s our 5th year anniversary as a concession vendor. We’re bringing back dishes we served in 2010/11. At our first WTT in 2011 we served Trinidad Doubles. We’re bringing it back for the first 2015 WTT. Trinidad Menu:

    • Trini Doubles (Chickpea Sandwich) – Curry chickpea with cucumber chutney & mango chutney in curry flavoured Bara bread, made in house.
    • Mango Chow (Spicy Mango Salad) #gf #vegan – Mango, garlic, cilantro & Thai pepper sauce.
    • Coconut Sweet Bread Loaves #vegetarian – Coconut, dried sour cherry & craisin mini loaves.
  • Moose on the Run
    • Montreal Smoked Meat Mac and Cheese. $9.00
      Cheesy Mac & Cheese with mouth watering Montreal Smoked Meat.
    • Peanut Butter and Bacon Beef Sliders $10.00
      Need I say more?
    • Cuban Sliders $10.00. Two outside buttered Slider buns filled with Ham, Pork Roast, pickles, Swiss cheese and bold mustard pressed to crispy perfection!
    • Pop. $2.00
  • One Cool Cookie
    • TCC:  Triple chocolate cookie with black cherry ice cream
    • Sweet & Salty: Skor-bacon cookie with salted caramel ice cream
    • PB & J:  peanut butter cookie with peanut butter-chocolate ice cream and a splash of strawberry jelly
    • Sweet Classic:  chocolate chunk cookie with marshmallow ice cream

      We will also bring flavours of dairy free sorbet (raspberry, mango)!
  • Sailin On
    • BLT Wrap – Coconut Bacon, Garlic Mayo, Lettuce, Tomato, Carrot, in a warm flour tortilla
    • Jerk Tofu Burger – Jerk Tofu, Cabbage Slaw, Fried Plantains, Lettuce, Jerk Mayo, on a toasted burger bun
    • Hand-Cut Fries
    • Curry Fries
    • The Irish – Hand-cut fries, vegan cheddar, curry sauce, garlic mayo, cabbage, carrot, green onion.
    • Roasted beet and brown rice salad 
    • Cookies by Bloom Cookie Co.

      Everything is vegan. Roasted beet salad is Gluten-Free, BLT Gluten Free upon request.
  • Smokehouse BBQ
    • Deep Fried Pickles w/ Chipotle mayo – $5.00
    • Cajun Calamari w/ Chipotle mayo, lightly breaded, spiced and deep fried calamari topped with fresh onion and lemon and mayo on the side $8.00
    • Brisket Corn Dogs w/ creole mustard, deep fried smoked brisket in a cornmeal batter  $8.00
    • Bacon Bomb Sandwich – house made mild Italian sausage mix stuffed with jalapeno peppers, cheese, sauce, rub, wrapped in bacon and smoked, sliced and topped with Carolina coleslaw and served as a sandwich  $8.00
    • Burnt Ends Sandwich, slow smoked beef brisket served in a fresh Brioche bun with Terry’s Original BBQ sauce and smoked onions $8.00
    • Carolina Pulled Pork Sandwich, 14 hour smoked pulled pork served on fresh Brioche bun and topped with Carolina coleslaw and Carolina Mustard BBQ sauce $8.00
    • Dessert Special – Peanut Butter Chocolate Mississippi Mud Pie topped with candied bacon & whipped cream $5.00
  • SoCal Smoothies
    • Root beer bbq pulled pork wrap
    • Veggie quinoa wrap
    • Pipeline (strawberry banana)
    • Hang ten (mango)
    • Rip tide (blueberry)
    • Pineapple Express (pineapple, coconut milk)
  • Spice Rickshaw*
    • Cape Malay Chicken Bunny Chow Curry Bowl with salad
    • Chaat Papdi (Indian nachos): Vegetarian, Vegan option available
    • Pav Bhaji: Fusion Indo-Portuguese buttery potato dish with a side of Portuguese bun.
    • Pop
  • The Crooked Fork
    • Roasted Beet Tostada (Vegetarian dish): Crispy tostada topped with roasted beet, white bean and sundried tomato mashed, sauteed mushrooms and garnished with a fresh cilantro pesto.
    • Chicken Lollipops: Frenched chicken drumettes with a Thai green curry sauce over a coconut infused Basmati rice, homemade pineapple chutney garnished with sweet drop Peruvian peppers.
    • Mexican Pulled Pork Sandwich: Slowly cooked pork (marinated with fresh pineapple and banana leaves) with a homemade BBQ sauce topped with a Floribbean Slaw.
  • The Mini Donut King*
    • Mini Donuts – Pop Corn – Snow cones – Cotton Candy – Lemonade – Pop – Water – Coffee & Tea
  • Yellowbird
    • Wasabi Lox Sandwich
    • Miso Pulled Pork Sandwich
    • Spicy Miso Tacos, Miso marinated ground pork with Gouchu-jang sauce
    • Sesame Fish Tacos, Pan seared fish and Japanese crunchy slaw, Gluten Free
    • Mahi Mahi Wrap, Chili-Lime flavored mahi-mahi with Japanese crunchy slaw
    • Gyu-Don Beef, Thinly sliced beef rice bowl
    • Teriyaki Chicken Bento, served with rice and side dish

We will be creating printable PDFs with the site map and menus. Feel free to use these as a guide during the event!

Menus may be subject to change.
*New to What the Truck?!

2 thoughts on “May 23, 2015 What the Truck?! Menus”

  1. Any chance of these trucks (The Lemon Grass Grill, Little Village,

    S’Wich,Nhon Hoa Sandwich Ba) going to be added to the lineup?


    1. Hello! Unfortunately we won’t be able to add any more trucks. However, you can look for these trucks in future events 🙂


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