Meet the Trucks: Spice Rickshaw

Continuing with our Meet the Truck series, this week we are featuring a new Indian truck – Spice Rickshaw! You may have had the opportunity to try their delicious Indian food at our first even in May.

Why did you start a food truck?
We are a farmers’ market vendor selling frozen food. We are a permanent feature at most farmers’ markets around Edmonton area selling frozen Indian and Thai food. We have been inundated with requests from our lovely customers who want to enjoy our food warm and piping hot. After 3 years of doing farmers’ markets, we decided to take the plunge into serving hot food and filling the peoples’ appetite for tasty and delicious Indian street food.

What kind of food do you serve?
Indian street food: Not limited to Pao bhaji, Kabab parathas, chaat (also called Indian nachos by certain members of my family).

Who can we see on the truck?
Main person will be Renu, she is the big boss, food gourmand and the matriarch. She will most likely be accompanied by Connor, he recently named himself the Creator as he built Spice Rickshaw from ground up. We will also have our lovely support staff helping along the way.

Where will you be serving?
We are a brand new truck, we are hoping to stick to our roots and be found primarily at different farmers’ markets around Edmonton and different festivals as well.

What makes your truck unique?
Our whole team loves food, love to eat different foods, love to share food. In Indian culture, food is how people share love. We love to incorporate delicious Alberta ingredients with our creativity and tradition to bring memorable meals to peoples’ plates.

What is your favourite item from a food truck that is not your own?
Breakfast paninos from Dolce and Banana. We love to devour their Paninos every Saturday morning at the City Market. In our books, Ernesto’s paninos = perfect Saturday morning.

If you had to fuse to completely different cuisines together, what would they be?
Ukrainian and Indian: nothing tastes better than fluffy potatoes perishkes with butter chicken.

What do you hope to see or get out of the 2015 season?
At the WTT events, our goal is to introduce the complex flavours of Indian street to the Edmonton food scene. Indian food that is currently available in Edmonton is very monotone and just from one province from Indian, we hope to familiarize Edmontonians to delicious flavours that exist outside the realm of “curries”.

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