Meet the Trucks: Dolce & Banana

This week we are featuring a truck that is familiar to some of you, and known for their delicious Italian treats. Meet Dolce & Banana!

Why did you start a food truck?
I remember attending my first WTT event a few years ago and thought to my self, “this is so cool. I can do this.” I have always worked in the restaurant industry and have been a vendor at farmers’ markets for over ten years now. I like to challenge myself and believe in surrounding myself with people who are more talented than me when it comes to food. This is why I work at Ernest’s dining room at NAIT during the off season. It is safe to say that I am always around food.

What kind of food do you serve?
I specialize in Italian food, such as grilled panini, fresh homemade pasta, pizza, traditional Italian pastries and dessert, homemade Italian sodas, specialty coffees.

Who can we see on the truck?
Myself, my sister Luisa (NAIT culinary instructor), my niece Isabella, my friends from Italy, Giulia and Federico, and sometimes my mom.

Where will you be serving?
Various farmers’ markets in and around Edmonton during the week and weekend, downtown, university area, private catering, festivals and events.

What makes your truck unique?
My logo is an old family portrait.

What is your favourite item from a food truck that is not your own?
I am a big fan of Theo’s food truck Little Village.

If you had to fuse to completely different cuisines together, what would they be?
Japan and Korea.

What do you hope to see or get out of the 2015 season?
My goal is to take you on a culinary journey throughout Italy.

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