Meet the Trucks: The Hungry Dodo

It’s been a while since we’ve featured a truck in our Meet the Truck series. With our August event coming up in less than two weeks, we want to showcase a new truck that will be participating in that event. Meet The Hungry Dodo!

The Hungry Dodo

Why did you start a food truck?
Cooking is not a’s an art, a passion for me. Originally from Mauritius, my husband and I have been in the food industry since 1998. Back in Mauritus, we used to be street vendors for almost 10 years and then my husband got the opportunity to come to Canada in 2009. After two years, the kids and I joined him. We got to realize that Edmonton does not have a Mauritian restaurant nor a food truck. Also, most of the Canadians don’t even know Mauritius. So why not introduce our cuisine to our new country and let them discover Mauritius. Then after 4 years of planning, our new dream finally came true. The Hungry Dodo was born in February of 2015.

What kind of food do you serve?
We serve ethnic food mostly, 100% halal. The following dishes will be on the truck everyday but not all of them on the same day:
Chicken biryani fried noodles Mauritian-style (chow mein), chicken shawarma on Parisian baguettes, roti wraps, dhaal puri wraps, fried rice, Mauritian-style home made beef patties (cateless) sandwich, upside down bowl (one of many signature dish of Mauritius), roast beef or chicken sandwich, roast beef tongue sandwich (really yummy), stir fry beef or chicken sandwich, chick-egg in with fricasse rice, Halim Samosas Gato piment (dhaal pakora) shredded, deep-fried taro balls. 

Who can we see on the truck?
Myself (Wazeera), my husband (Ibne), and our friend, Selven.

Where will you be serving?
We are parked on 102 street just off corner Jasper Ave.

What makes your truck unique?
There is no Mauritian food truck in Edmonton and The Hungry Dodo is the very first one. The Dodo bird was unique only in Mauritius and our truck has two big, colorful Dodo designs proudly standing on both sides of the truck. Our colors, bright green and orange with our colorful Dodo bird is unique. Even from a very far distance, you won’t be able to miss this truck as it stands out among the others. The Hungry Dodo is the only truck in Edmonton which bears the flag of our original country Mauritius as well as the flag of Canada.

What is your favourite item from a food truck that is not your own?
Donair, as I had never heard of donair before until I came here and I like it.

Country that inspires you the most (related to food)?

What do you hope to see or get out of the 2015 season?
As a new vendor on the street, I am not expecting huge this season BUT I am confident The Hungry Dodo will satisfy its customers and it will have more than expected number of customers by the end of 2015 season. A happy customer makes a happy food truck…for life.

Don’t forget to visit The Hungry Dodo in person on Saturday, August 22, 2015 at Telus Field, 4-8pm!

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