August 22, 2015 Trucks in the Outfield Menus

Get ready for an afternoon of picnicking in the outfield! Here are the menus for the trucks that will be joining us next week. Don’t forget that we’ll have our ticketing system in place (no pre-purchase of tickets needed), and this is your last chance to enter our Golden Ticket contest before we announce the winners (on August 28th)!

Bring a blanket to spend an afternoon picnicking in the outfield. Don’t forget your baseballs and gloves*, because when else will you get the chance to play a game of catch on the infield at Telus Field? As usuall, we’ll have a DJ there to add awesome tunes to your Saturday afternoon, and we’ll have a glitter tattoo tent as well! Telus Field is right on the Number 9 bus route (conveniently on your way downtown from the Fringe Festival). And if you’re worried about parking, don’t be! Telus Field has graciously provided their 750 stall lots for FREE public parking during our event. We know there’s lots going on in the city during the summer, but think you’d have a great time making a stop to visit the trucks in the outfield at our event on August 22nd!

*No bats or hitting of baseballs is permitted

Telus Field


What: What the Truck?! 
Where: Telus Field (10233 96 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB)
When: Saturday, August 22, 2015
Time: 4-8pm

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1879 Where Flavour Begins

  • Vladimir Poutine – Braised Pine Haven chuck, sylvan star Gouda, Russian dressing, astro arugula, pickle spear ($12)
  • Donair Dog – Wild Game Donair sausage (pork free), sylvan star gouda, local produce, donair sauce, Italian bakery crusty bun ($10)
  • Duck Fat Garlic Fries – Fresh cut fries, lactuca soft neck garlic, local herbs, bernie sauce ($8)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich – House baked cookies, Pinocchio bourbon vanilla ice cream
  • Available drinks – coke, diet coke, ginger ale, orange pop, water

Chedda’ Heads

  • Hellbent – (3) Cheese Blend, Avocado, Sweet & Spicy Doritos on Tendercrust Bread (Vegetarian) ($9)
  • Three Amigos – (3) Cheese Blend, Tomato, Bacon, Fresh Basil on Tendercrust Bread ($9)
  • The Bandit – Cheddar, Cream Cheese with Green Onion, Roasted Jalapeno, Bacon and Sriracha ($9.50)
  • In addition to drinks, water and cold brew coffee will be available

Casa 12 Doce

  • Pollo Adobado Tacos – warm corn tortillas served with chicken in an adobado sauce, topped with onions, cilantro and a lime wedge (Gluten-free) ($5 each)
  • Memela con Chorizo – handmade corn flat bread grilled with refried beans, topped with chef made chorizo (pork sausage) feta cheese, onions and salsa mexicana. (Gluten-free) ($10)
  • Quesadillas Dorada –  corn tortillas stuffed with potato and feta cheese then folded and fried. Topped with sour cream, more feta cheese and served with salsa mexicana on the side (Vegetarian, Gluten-free) (3 for $8)
  • Canned pop, bottled water ($2), Jarritos Mexican sodas ($3)

Cookie Love

  • Cookie Love regular cookie ice cream sandwich ($5)
  • Cookie dough ice cream sandwich ($5)
  • Salted caramel brownie ice cream sandwich ($5)

Jeepney Jaytee

  • Authentic ILOCANO Bagnet – Super crispy deep fried pork belly ILOCOS style. served with rice ($10)
  • Sisig Tacos – grillled diced garlic lemon pork in soft tacos shells ($7.99, two taco shells/serving)
  • Isaw – grilled marinated pork intestine. A famous Filipino street food. ($3)

Local Omnivore

  • Mr. Pink – Rosemary Dragon Ham sliced thin with Swiss, Mayo and Mustard ($7.50)
  • Pot Salad – Red and Whites dressed up with everything from the garden and fresh Herbs ($3)

The Hungry Dodo*

  • Chick egg-in – This is our signature dish. It consists of hard-boiled eggs wrapped with marinated ground chicken breasts & herbs, cooked in a flavorful & aromatic yogurt and mixed spices sauce, served with fricasse rice & mixed salad ($11)
  • Chicken Shawarma on a Parisian baguette – Marinated chicken breast with yogurt and mixed spices and oriental sauces, grilled to perfection and stuffed in a 12-inches Parisian baguette together with salad and topped with mayonaise, cheese and homemade hot sauce – as desired (Reg. $8, add cheese $9)
  • Fish & chip & salad – English style battered cod fish fillet, deep fried until golden, served with crispy French fries, mixed salad and dressed with avocado sauce and a slice of lemon ($8)
  • Poutine (small $5, large $7)
  • Waffles topped with whipping cream, strawberry slices and maple syrup
  • Canned pop ($1.50)

Orbit Food Truck

  • Jerk chicken taco – grilled spice rubbed chicken, mango salsa, creamy citrus slaw, mango habanero sauce. ($5)
  • Shrimp taco – grilled shrimp, fresh guac, roasted garlic habanero vinaigrette, shredded lettuce, mango salsa. ($5)
  • Asian pork burrito – sesame ginger pork, melted cheddar, Korean fried rice and black bean, cilantro/onion relish, avocado cream. ($5)

Roots Patties*

  • BEEF – Jamaican patty with beef filling available in spicy or mild spicy or mild  ($4, add $2 for Coco Bread)
  • CHICKEN – Jamaican patty with a tangy chicken filling ($4, add $2 for Coco Bread)
  • VEGETARIAN – Jamaican patty filled with a mixture of vegetables ($4, add $2 for Coco Bread)

Sailin’ On

  • BBQ Chick’n Sandwich – BBQ Chick’n, lettuce, tomato, red onion, pickle, BBQ mayo on Ciabatta ($10)
  • BLT Wrap – Coconut bacon, garlic mayo, lettuce, tomato, carrot in a warm flour tortilla. ($8)
  • Quinoa Avocado Salad – organic red quinoa, sautéed red onion, diced tomato, fresh parsley, avocado tossed in a olive-oil/lemon juice dressing ($7)
  • Curry Fries – UK’s pub fave, smothered in our homemade curry sauce
  • The Irish – Curry chips, vegan cheddar, vegan garlic mayo, cabbage, carrot, green onion.
  • Cookies by Bloom Cookie Co.
  • Glow Juice, Water n’ Pop

Socal Smoothies

  • Chicken Caesar Wrap ($7)
  • Green Monster Smoothie – spinach, banana, and vanilla ($6)
  • Hang 10 Mango ($6)

Spice Rickshaw

  • Boti Kabab – marinated and grilled chunks of sirloin beef steak, served with Naan ($10)
  • Roasted Coconut Chicken served with rice, naan and salad (can be made Gluten-free) ($9.99)
  • Bombay Pao Bhaji – the ultimate Indian street food. It is a mash of potatoes, roasted red peppers, roasted cauliflower and lots of butter, served with brioche bun and onion salad. (Vegetarian) ($10)
  • Chaat Papdi (Indian Nachos) – Thin hand cut wafers topped with grilled potatoes, tamarind chutney, green chutney and youghurt. (Vegetarian, can also be made Vegan) ($7.99)
  • Baby butter chicken frankies – 2 open faced wraps in roti with grilled peppers and grilled onions (Gluten-free) ($7.99)
  • Mango Pudding – topped with grilled pineapple coulis and chocolate shavings ($5.99)
  • Drinks ($2)

Spiced! Food Truck*

  • Caribbean chicken n’ chips – spiced! pulled chicken, coleslaw, kettle chips and Caribbean sauce (gluten free) ($7)
  • Karachi beef naanwich – spiced! pulled beef, tomatoes, cucumbers, greens with kettle chips and raita ($8)
  • Vegetarian pakora all in one – crispy potatoes and onions with naan, rice, and spiced! chutney (Vegetarian, Gluten-free without naan) ($8)
  • Ask about making any meal vegetarian and Gluten-free. All sauces are prepared Vegetarian and Gluten-free.

As always, come hungry and get ready to create your ultimate picnic from this wide variety of dishes! We’ll post a site map PDF later in the week.

All menus are subject to change

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  1. 😦 I have’t been able to make one of these events yet this year! I wish it went a bit later so those working at the Edmonton Marathon could head over after.


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