May 26, 2018 What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard Menus

Working on your What the Truck?! plan of attack? Hopefully, the menus here can help you on which trucks are a must and/or if you need to round up a few more friends to join you at the May 26 kick-off event.


  • Burritos – Homemade flour tortilla filled with refried beans and a choice of: Carnitas, Chorizo, Bisteck, Pollo, or Rajas – $6.00
  • Quesadillas –  Homemade flour tortilla filled with refried beans, cheese and a choice of: Carnitas, Chorizo, Bisteck, Pollo, or Rajas – $6.00
  • Tortas –  Traditional bun filled with refried beans and a choice of: Carnitas or Chorizo  – $8.00
  • Dorilocos – Dorito chips. Served with pico de gallo, peanuts, cucumbers, sour cream and Valentina sauce – $5.00 
  • Traditional Fresh Water – Horchata water. Based on rice, cinnamon and milk – $3.00

Divine Crepes

  • Banana Nutella – Fresh bananas with Nutella in a crepe topped with house made whipped cream – $8.00
  • Strawberries and Cream – Fresh cut strawberries with chocolate or maple strop in a crepe topped with our whipped cream – $8.00
  • Chicken Florentine – Seasoned chicken breast, spinach, tomato, red onion, spicy mayo and cheese. Our crowd favourite – $10.00
  • Banana Split – Banana, strawberries, pineapple, chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream – $10.00
  • Nutella Crepe – Nutella and whipped cream – $5.00
  • Drinks – Coffee, Tea and Pop

Elephant Ears

  • Sugar/Icing sugar topping – Elephant Ear with sugar/icing sugar topping – $5.00
  • Cinnamon and sugar topping – Elephant Ear with cinnamon and sugar topping – $5.00
  • Strawberry syrup topping – Elephant Ear with strawberry syrup topping – $5.00
  • Nutella topping – Elephant Ear with Nutella topping – $6.00
  • Chocolate syrup topping – Elephant Ear with chocolate syrup topping – $5.00
  • Drinks – Water, Juice, and Pop

Explore India Food Truck

  • Butter Chicken – Marinated tandoori chicken served in a rich and butter tomato cream sauce. Served with rice – $10.00
  • Coconut Chicken Curry – Curried boneless chicken simmered in a coconut milk curry. Topped with shredded coconut. Served with rice – $10.00
  • Chana Masala – Chickpeas served in a fragrant onion-tomato curry. Served with rice – $9.00
  • Indian Street Samosas – Two of our famous vegetarian samosas topped with chana masala, tamarind chutney, fresh cucumbers, green onions, and crispy onions – $9.00
  • Vegetarian Samosas – Served with sweet tamarind chutney – $5.00

Family Dough

  • Edible Cookie Dough – We serve edible cookie dough! Safe and delicious to eat. We carry such flavours as S’more, Chocolate Chip, Unicorn, Peanut Butter and more – $8.00
  • Ice Pops – Our Family Freezed Ice Pops are hand made with the freshest ingredients. We have a huge assortment of flavours. Many have been modeled after our delicious lemonade flavours – $5.00
  • Award Winning Lemonade – Our Family Squeezed Lemonade is what put us on the map. We are multi award winners for our fresh and delicious flavours. We use fresh fruit and herbs in all of our creations – $6.00

Ohana Donuts

  • Unfilled Donut – Cinnamon sugar, Plain – $2.25
  • Filled Donut – Vanilla whipped cream, Coconut whipped cream, Vanilla custard – $2.75
  • 2 Donut Special – 2 filled or unfilled donuts – $4.25
  • Coffee (Fresh Brewed) – $2.25, Iced Coffee/House Lemonade – $2.75
  • Bottled Beverages – Water, Pop – $1.50


  • Pork Carnita – Crispy pork taco, fresh guacamole, charred salsa verde, cilantro/onion relish – $5.00
  • Shrimp Taco – Sautéed shrimp, roasted garlic basil habanero vinaigrette, fresh guacamole, mixed greens, mango salsa – $5.00
  • Chips and Dips – House fried corn tortilla chips, charred salsa verde, fresh guacamole, feta – $5.00

Paradise Grill

  • Fire Grill Jerk Chicken – Grilled with Jamaica’s secret herbs and spices, our fire grill jerk chicken is served with your choice of rice and peas or fried dumplings – $12.00
  • Jerk Chicken Poutine – Canada meets Jamaica in the kitchen with our succulent jerk chicken breast layered with our secret sauce and cheese curd – $10.00
  • Jamaican Patty – Delicious, spicy beef patties – a Jamaican past-time – $4.00
  • Wings – Your choice of Jerk, BBQ, Salt, and pepper or the Jamaican – $10.00
  • Jerk Chicken & Bammy – Traditional Jamaican beach food served with Bammy, Jerk Chicken and Fried Plantain – $5.00
  • Drinks – Jamaican Beverages

Pizza Noli

  • Margherita – Fior di late, San Marzano tomato, pecorino cheese, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil – Pizza Slice – $5.00; 12″ Pizza – $10.00
  • O sole mio – White pizza, ricotta cheese, mascarpone, pecorino cheese, pineapple, capiccolo ham, extra virgin olive oil – Pizza Slice – $5.00; 12″ Pizza – $15.00
  • Linea Verde-Vegetarian – Ricotta cheese, pecorino, mozzarella, red and green bell pepper, mushroom, onion, pesto, olives,c herry tomatoes, olive oil (all veggies are sauteed) – Pizza Slice – $5.00; 12″ Pizza – $15.00
  • Vezuvio – Fior di late, mozzarella, San Marzano tomato, soppresata salami, hot pepperoni, jalapeno peppers, Tabasco sauce – Pizza Slice – $5.00; 12″ Pizza – $15.00
  • Drinks: San Pellegrino beverages, Bottled water, and Pop


  • Thai Chicken Green Onion Cake Taco – Thailand style chicken served with in-house Thai peanut sauce, cucumber and lettuce. Finished with sesame seeds – $9.00
  • Roasted Pork Belly Green Onion Cake Taco – Chinese style roasted pork belly. Tender meat and crispy pork crackling served with a sweet chili sauce, lettuce, and pickled carrots and daikon – $9.00
  • Korean Beef Green Onion Cake Taco – Korean style beef, shredded and drenched in original braising sauce. Served with kimchi and sesame seeds – $9.00
  • Teriyaki Tofu Green Onion Cake Taco – Crispy tofu served with teriyaki sauce on bed of lettuce and red bell peppers. Finished with sesame seeds – $8.00
  • Scallion Rice Rolls – Scallion oil cooked rice roll noodles topped with green onions and crushed peanuts, served with tamari sauce – $5.00
  • Individual Sides:
    • Vegetarian Spring Rolls (2) – $3.00
    • Green Onion Cake – (1) $4.00 or (2) $6.00
    • Mango Pudding – $3.00
    • Caramunchies Salted Original – $6.00

Soner’s Donair and Kebabs

  • Donair – Beef donair served wrapped in a pita with your choice of lettuce,tomatoes, onions, cheese and sweet or tzatziki sauce – $10.00
  • Donair Poutine – Poutine served with donair meat on top with sweet sauce – $10.00
  • Falafel – Chickpeas with herbs fried in a meatball shape served wrapped in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, onions and sweet or tzatziki sauce – 9.00
  • Deep Fried Oreos – Three deep fried Oreos served with chocolate syrup, icing sugar and whipped cream – $5.00
  • Dolma – Grape vine leaves stuffed with rice and served with tzatziki sauce – $5.00

Street Eats

  • Lobster Stuffed Grilled Cheese  – Classic grilled cheese made with 3/4″ Texas Toast, then stuffed with butter poached lobster and 2 slices of Swiss cheese – $7.00
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Slider – Our homemade slow cooked BBQ pulled pork on a bakery fresh slider bun, topped with our homemade cole slaw – $6.50
  • Fish Taco – A 6″ flour tortilla with our lightly battered cod then topped with Tex cheese, fresh chunky tomato salsa, lettuce and choice of sweet chipotle or garlic aioli sauce – $6.00
  • Chicken Taco – A 6″ flour tortilla with our crispy chicken tender then topped with Tex cheese, fresh chunky tomato salsa, lettuce and choice of sweet chipotle or garlic aioli sauce – $6.00
  • Classic Grilled Ham & Cheese – Classic grilled cheese made with 3/4″ Texas Toast, then stuffed with deli sliced ham and block sliced cheddar cheese – $5.00

The Hat on Wheels

  • BBQ Baby Back Ribs – Baby back ribs marinated with our house-made rub and slow-cooked. Finished with our signature BBQ sauce on a char grill – $10.00
  • Beer Beef Chili Fries – Crispy fries, topped with slow-cooked beef chili, made with Alberta beef, finished with beer. Topped with cheese and a dollop of sour cream – $8.00
  • Butter Chicken and Rice Pilaf – White chicken marinated and slow-cooked with tomato-butter curry sauce, served with fluffy Basmati rice pilaf – $9.00
  • Artichoke Spinach Dip – Freshly made in-house dip, with artichokes, roasted red pepper, baby spinach and cheese, served with warm naan and crispy corn tortilla chips – $8.00
  • Mango Lassi – Yogurt based drink made with Indian mangoes – $5.00

The Sizzling Stick

  • Sizzling Sampler – 3 satay skewers (choice of pork, chicken or beef), peanut sauce – $11.00
  • 3 Stick Combo – 3 satay skewers (choice of pork, chicken or beef), peanut sauce, large coconut rice, choice of salad – $15.00
  •  2 Stick Combo – 2 satay skewers (choice of pork, chicken or beef), peanut sauce, large coconut rice, choice of salad – $13.00
  • Curry Fried Noodles – A generous serving of delicious curry fried noodles with veggies and tender pieces of our signature satay meat! – $9.00
  • Sizzling Snack – 1 satay skewer (choice of pork, chicken or beef), peanut sauce, small coconut rice – $5.00
  • Individual sides – Coconut rice, Asian broccoli slaw, chickpea and quinoa salad, sweet and sour noodle salad

Ukrainian House

  • Canadian – Grilled Ukrainian Kovbasa with perogies served with pan-fried bacon bits, caramelized onions, and sour cream – $10.00
  • Ukrainian – Big Ukrainian cabbage roll with perogies served with pan-fried bacon bits, caramelized onions, and sour cream – $10.00
  • Classic – Nalisnyk (Ukrainian pancake with cottage cheese, fresh dill, saute in butter) served with pan-fried bacon bits, caramelized onions, and sour cream – $10.00
  • Royal Meal – Nalisnyk, Grilled Ukrainian Kovbasa, Big Ukrainian cabbage roll with beef, rice and pork, and perogies with bacon, onions, and sour cream – $16.00
  • WTT Special Perogies Plate – Perogies served with pan-fried bacon, caramelized onions, and sour cream – $5.00

Via Cocoa Creamery 

  • Ice Cream Bars – Premium ice cream sold in 7 flavours, dipped in premium Belgian chocolate – $6.00

Please note menus and prices are subject to change.

May 26, 2018 What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard Lineup

We have started to see the food trucks come out of hibernation over the past few weeks, and we couldn’t be more excited to kick off the 2018 What the Truck?! season at Capital Boulevard! We have over 15 trucks for you to choose from, including 6 food trucks* joining us for their first What the Truck?!

Here are the participating food trucks:

We are happy to be partnering with the Edmonton Food Bank again at our events and their lovely staff and volunteers will be available on site to collect any donations you can bring. Please see below for items that are most needed:

Most Needed Items by the Edmonton Food Bank
Most Needed Items by the Edmonton Food Bank

What: What the Truck?!
Where: Capital Boulevard (99 Avenue and 108 Street, Edmonton, AB)
When: Saturday, May 26, 2018
Time: 3-8pm 

Hang tight, menus are coming soon. And remember to RSVP to the Facebook event and share with your friends!

What the Truck?! 2018 Season Announcement!

While it may feel like we are still in the grips of winter, the sunshine and (slowly) melting snow remind us that Spring is nearly here and with it comes food truck season! We are pleased to announce the early details of our 2018 What the Truck?! season.

What The Truck?! 2017 at Capital Boulevard
What The Truck?! 2017 at Capital Boulevard

Saturday, May 26, 3:00 – 8:00pm: Capital Boulevard (99 Avenue and 108 Street)

After last season’s wrap up event on Capital Boulevard, we are back again to kick off food truck season!

RSVP on our Facebook event – We hope to see you there!

Edmonton Valley Zoo Entrance

Friday, July 6, 5:00 – 10:00pm: Edmonton Valley Zoo

We are very excited to be at the Edmonton Valley Zoo for the first time! The trucks will be parked throughout the zoo so you can find dinner while learning about the animals.

Save the Date on our Facebook event!


Sunday, August 26, 11:00am – 4:00pm: Re/Max Field (Edmonton Ballpark)

We are thrilled to be bringing back the Trucks in the Outfields to cap off the 2018 season! Previous events in 2015 and 2016 were fantastic fun and we are keeping our fingers crossed for sunshine for our last event of the year.

Save the Date here!

Volunteer with Us!

We are also looking for volunteers to assist on the days of the events! Please fill in the volunteer form if you are interested in volunteering.

June 14, 2015 What the Truck?! – Final Details

Our second What the Truck?! is just days away – we hope you’re ready!

What: What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard
Where: 108 Street & 99 Avenue
When: Sunday, June 14, 2015
RSVP on Facebook!

To help you plan your experience with the 14 trucks joining us on Sunday, we’ve created a PDF you can print and bring with you. We will have an on-site ATM, but some of the trucks do accept debit or credit, as we’ve noted in the PDF.


If this is your first What the Truck?!, we recommend checking out our Tips and Tricks and FAQ. If you do have a question while at the event, flag down one of the organizers, all who will be wearing yellow What the Truck?! jackets, or visit us at our Information Booth. We’ll have cards ready to collect your feedback, and when completed, will give you the chance to win a coveted Golden Ticket to our final event of the season.

While you eat, you’ll be enjoying the tunes being spun by DJs Thomas Culture, Polyesterday and Chesterfield.

DJs Culture and Polyesterday

Remember to tag us in your photos on Twitter or Instagram using the hashtag #whatthetruck! We’d love to see what you’re eating.

See you Sunday!

June 14, 2015 What the Truck?! Menus

We hope you’re looking forward to brunch on the Boulevard this Sunday – make the most of your weekend by starting the day with an al fresco meal in view of the Legislature!

What: What the Truck?! at Capital Boulevard
Where: 108 Street & 99 Avenue
When: Sunday, June 14, 2015
RSVP on Facebook!

Federal Building

As mentioned, all fifteen trucks will be serving up at least one brunch-inspired item, so make sure you bring your appetites!

Canadian Brewhouse (June 12, 2015 update: Canadian Brewhouse had to unexpectedly cancel their appearance)

  • Breakfast Poutine – crispy crinkle cut fries, bacon and eggs, with cheddar and mozza all smothered in gravy ($8)
  • Braised Beef Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Kettle chips – a healthy portion of our now famous braised beef between two slices of Texas toast with melted cheese and BBQ sauce, served with au jus ($10)
  • Peri Peri Chicken Burger with Kettle Chips – marinated, grilled chicken breast glazed with spicy Peri Peri sauce and topped with cheddar cheese, tomato, lettuce and mayo ($10)

Canicus Catering

  • Breakfast Pizza – eggs, bacon and sausage ($5)
  • Breakfast Veggie – eggs, yellow peppers, cherry tomatoes, mushroom ($5)
  • Cheese – mozzarella cheese ($7)
  • Pep & Cheese – pepperoni and mozzarella cheese ($8)
  • Veggie – yellow peppers, mushroom, cherry tomatoes ($9)
  • Meat lovers – pepperoni, sausage, bacon ($9)
  • Canicus Prosciutto – red onions, prosciutto , goat cheese ($9)

Cookie Love

  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – Pinocchio vanilla ice cream with Irvings Farm bacon, a chocolate chip cookie and a double chocolate cookie ($5)
  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich – Pinocchio ice cream with Captain Crunch cereal ($5)
  • Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich ($5) (gluten-free)

Crooked Fork

  • Huevo Ranchero Tostada – crispy tostada topped with seasoned ground pork, onion, jalapenos peppers, tomato, black and kidney beans with an avocado salsa; served with scramble eggs, garnished with queso fresco and fresh cilantro ($10)
  • Signature Duck Burger – ground duck breast meat, portobello mushroom, crispy iceberg lettuce, Québec Brie cheese, freshly caramelized pineapple with a hint of ginger, radish and blueberry aioli, served on brioche bun and a homemade slaw ($14.50)
  • Crispy Chicken Sandwich – fresh chicken tenders, tomato, lettuce, red onion with a horseradish aioli on a pretzel bun drizzled with a maple dijonnaise sauce; served with a homemade slaw ($10)

Cuisine on Wheels (updated June 13, 2015)

  • Vietnamese Subs: lemongrass chicken beef satay, regular
  • Spring Rolls
  • Green Onion Cake
  • Donair Sub
  • Hamburger
  • Bacon Cheese Wrap Dog
  • Chilli Dog
  • Nacho Dog
  • Poutine
  • French Fries
  • Nachos
  • Fresh Lemonade


  • Falafel Wrap – chickpeas blended with onions, garlic and fine herb spices and wrapped in a pita with lettuce, tomatoes, pickles, sumac seasoning and our homemade tahini sauce ($9) (vegetarian)
  • Shawarma Salad – lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles topped with our chicken shawarma and a side of garlic sauce ($10) (gluten-free)
  • Chicken Shawarma – sliced chicken breasts marinated in house spices and grilled to perfection, wrapped in a pita with lettuce, pickles and homemade garlic sauce ($10)
  • Shawarma Poutine – house seasoned fries topped with our chicken shawarma and gravy, and a side of our garlic sauce ($10)
  • Chicken Shawarma With Rice – rice with veggies topped with our chicken shawarma and garlic sauce with a side of our house salad ($9) (gluten-free)

Dolce & Banana

  • Grilled Italian Breakfast Panino – focaccia bread, rosemary ham, green onion frittata, roasted red peppers, vegetable spread, basil pesto, asiago, mozzarella ($7.50)
  • Banana Nutella French Toast – banana bread french toast, nutella drizzle, hazelnut crumble, whip cream ($8)
  • Homemade Italian Sodas – assorted flavors ($3)
  • Granita (Italian slush) – mojito ($4.50)
  • Iced Lattes – assorted flavors ($4.50)
  • Lemon Tiramisu ($3)
  • Pistachio Panna Cotta ($3) (gluten free)
  • Mango Coconut Cheesecake ($3)

Eva Sweet

  • Traditional Belgium Waffle – with whip, fruit and honey ($5)

Little Village

  • Kefteddy Breakfast Sandwich – beef, pork and bacon patty with a fried egg and cheese ($7.50)
  • Slow Roasted Lamb – on top of little lemon potatoes with tzatziki ($9.50)
  • Lamb Gyro – slow roasted lamb wrapped in pita with tzatziki and fresh cabbage mix ($9.50)
  • Lil’ Roasted Lambwich – slow roasted lamb with pickled cabbage, onion, and mint yogurt ($9.50)
  • Chicken Souvlaki – wrapped in pita with tzatziki and fresh cabbage mix ($7.50)
  • Falafel – chickpea patties wrapped in pita with tzatziki and fresh cabbage mix ($7.50)
  • Little Lemon Roasted Potatoes – with tzatziki ($4.50)

Nhon Hoa

  • Varieties of Vietnamese subs, including vegetarian subs ($6-11)
  • Salad Rolls
  • Spring Rolls
  • Fresh Fruit Bubble Drinks


  • Green Eggs and Ham Taco – slow scrambled eggs, cilantro pesto, parmesan cheese, crispy prosciutto, roasted pepper relish ($5)
  • Jerk Chicken Taco – grilled spice rubbed chicken, mango habanero sauce, creamy citrus slaw, mango salsa ($4)
  • Shrimp Taco – grilled shrimp, roasted garlic habanero vinaigrette, fresh guac, shredded romaine, mango salsa ($5)

Phat Tony’s

  • Banana Bread French Toast – dipped in a Bailey’s and cinnamon egg wash, griddled to golden brown & dusted with icing sugar; served with maple syrup and fresh fruit ($9) (Vegetarian)
  • Benny in a Bun – poached egg nestled in a crusty bun topped with shaved ham spinach and fresh tomato then layered with hollandaise; served with fresh fruit ($9) (can be vegetarian minus ham)
  • BCLT Croissant – plump tomatoes, fresh crisp romaine, Alder smoked bacon and sharp cheddar on a fresh croissant; add oven roasted turkey for a change; served with fresh fruit ($9) (can be vegetarian minus bacon could add spinach)
  • Smashed Baby Potatoes – baby potatoes par boiled, “smashed” then lightly fried and topped with sour cream, bacon bits, chives and a cheese blend ($6) (can be vegetarian minus bacon)

Street Eats

  • Steak, Potato & Cheese Brunch Wrap – strip steak with seasoned diced potatoes, four cheese blend in a warm flour tortilla ($5.50)
  • Lobster Stuffed Grilled Cheese – butter poached Atlantic lobster served on grilled Texas Toast with gooey Swiss cheese ($9.50)
  • BBQ Pulled Pork Stuffed Grilled Cheese – slow cooked bbq pulled pork served on grilled Texas Toast with cheddar cheese ($8)


  • Rootbeer-Braised Brisket – horseradish mayo, pickled daikon, fresh baked hoagie ($9)
  • Egg Salad Brunchwich – maple bacon, egg salad, maple-cinnamon pretzel bun ($8)
  • Smoked Pork Shoulder Sandwich – pico de gallo, crème fraiche, fresh baked hoagie ($9)
  • Chickpea Masala – sriracha cream cheese, fresh pear, cilantro, curried chickpea ($8) (vegetarian)
  • “Kardashian” Ice Brownie – double chocolate and rich, dark and dense ($2.50) (gluten-free)
  • Coconut Ice Cream Sandwich – milk chocolate-coconut semi-freddo, flourless chocolate cakes ($2.50) (gluten-free)

Urban Gypsy

  • Breakfast Sandwich – egg, bacon or sausage rounds on a slider bun ($7)
  • Pulled Pork Sandwich – pulled pork with provolone cheese and coleslaw topped with sweet heat aioli sauce on a bana de casa bun ($8)
  • Roasted Chicken Sandwich – oven roasted chicken breast mixed with diced celery/ leaf lettuce on country grain bread ($8)
  • Egg Salad Sandwich – egg mixed with miracle whip and leaf lettuce on country grain bread ($7)
  • Tuna Salad Sandwich – tuna with cucumber slices and leaf lettuce, sprinkled with dill on country grain bread ($7)
  • Grilled Cheese Sandwich – cheddar cheese / marble cheese on a country grain bread ($5)
  • Veggie Sandwich – Turkish roll lightly toasted with pesto, spinach, tomato, cucumber and red onion ($7)
  • Home fries ($5)
  • Poutine – home fries, cheese curds, gravy ($6)

We’ll be posting a printable PDF later in the week to help you plan your attack!

Menus are subject to change.